The Terrace Lounge

Our 16th Floor Terrace Lounge is already an elevated experience. But we went ahead and took it to another level. Inspired by Chef Birk's culinary philosophy, we've infused our cocktail menu with fresh, seasonal and adventurous creations, plucked from our staff's imagination, not to mention our handy onsite herb garden. Sample one of our Area 31 originals, like an "Epic Sunset," hand-crafted for sauntering around the stunning perimeters of the Terrace Lounge.

We also make sure our wine selection goes hand in hand with the food, featuring selections from South America, South of France or Northern California as needed. Paired to complement Chef Birk's menu, the Area 31 wine list also offers by-the-glass selections that go perfectly with nothing more than the view.

The Terrace Lounge is for stepping out. Reclining and relaxing. Standing and mingling. And if it feels right, dance. On Wednesday through Friday we have a DJ playing music, and the Terrace Lounge becomes a scene.


Monday - Thursday, Happy Hour is from 5pm - 8pm.
Specialty Drinks and Bar Bites are $7.

Fridays feature "Chase The Clock" from 5pm - close.
Specialty Drinks and Bar Bites are priced by the hour as follows: $5 at 5pm, $6 at 6pm, $7 at 7pm, $8 at 8pm… etc.